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  Shenzhen yuanguo technology co., LTD Forlux Tech is situated in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China. It is a high-tech and innovative enterprise that was created and formed by a group of optical communication senior experts in 2013. We are fully engaged in the R&D, manufacture, process and sales of optical communication products, such as MPO/MTP Cabling System, Optical Fiber Connectors, Master Cord and MPO Hydra …
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源国科技:VCSEL芯片已批量供应 将掌握VCSEL晶圆切割术光纤在线编辑部  2016-09-14 15:43:34 综合整理 文章热度: 9/12/2016,光纤在线讯,中国光通信领域,芯片的缺失,是中国光通信产业链的最大软肋。近几年随着数据中心、云计算的大规模发展,数据中心用光通信模块的需求量爆发,近三年来的增长率均可达40%以上。而由于其中的VCSEL芯片主要依赖进口,因此中国光器件企业在市场需求高涨的同时利润空间并不大,芯片成为下游企业
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